The Beginning

During the fall semester of 2016, I did not realize when signing up for a Creative Writing class that I would leave the second week of December with new friends. The class, although I didn't feel like I academically learned much, introduced me to others at my school who also has a passion and love for creative writing. I had the privilege to listen to, and read dozens of short stories and poems from my classmates that evolved from this sixteen week semester. It was an amazing opportunity to grow in my confidence with the other students. Before this semester, I did not like to share my work with others, but it was through this class that I not only learned to let others read my work, I learned to learn from them.

During this semester, I also learned how to write contemporary style fiction. This was a new genre for me that I had read before, but never attempted to write. So one night in mid-November, I sat down at my computer and started working on a story about two very hopeless p…